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Welcome to the Twist 60 Step by Step guide.

Twist 60 is a 60mm f/2.5 manual focus lens. It comes in a straight, non-tilting body, but is also available as an Optic for those who already have a Composer series lens and would like to use it in their Composer lens body. The Optic is identical, no matter which setup you purchase.

Twist 60 delivers a large, central area of focus – even wide open at f/2.5, surrounded by twisty blur. It’s a great lens to isolate your subject, allowing it to really stand out from the background. 

We recommend that you point your Composer straight ahead when shooting with Twist  60. Tilting with Twist 60 creates a crescent of focus and a hard vignette, and you may be unhappy with the result for portraits. Of course, we encourage you to break the rules and experiment, but you probably want to start shooting straight ahead while you get to know this lens.

Creating Images with Twisty Bokeh:

With this setup, you’ll get an image with the most twisty bokeh. This is a great setup for shooting portraits.

  1. Set your aperture to f/2.5.
  2. Make sure that there are at least 6-8 feet of separation (or more) between your subject and the background – or, between you and your subject.
  3. Make sure that your background has texture to it, like leafy trees, brick buildings, or holiday lights.

Adjust Variables to Lessen Bokeh Swirl

  1. Go back and try this same scenario at a range of aperture settings – you’ll note that the twisty bokeh lessens significantly and even disappears as you stop down to darker apertures.
  2. Try a similar scenario with less distance between subject and background.
  3. Try a similar scenario where the background has less texture.


Twist 60 will also perform best – that is, you’ll be able to get the most twisty bokeh – when shooting on a full frame camera. Because the central area of focus is so large, even at f/2.5, crop sensor cameras will crop out a lot of the swirl. See these comparison shots below for an idea of how much twisty bokeh you’ll get on crop sensor cameras.

Bonus –  other ways to make your subject pop:

  • Whether or not you shoot to get twisty bokeh, Twist 60 has a natural vignette wide open. Try shooting at f/2.5 but don’t worry about your distance from your subject, or the background, and see how you can utilize the vignette to make the center of your image pop with little or no twisty bokeh.

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