Lensbaby Manifesto Photographs


As a painter uses oils and brushes, photographers, too, have a set of tools that help us to bring our vision to life. Is the process one of removal — do we take from our surroundings? Or do we start with a blank slate and fill it with our imagination? There’s more to capturing a photo than simply pressing the shutter. What does this process mean to you? Do you gain more from the act or the outcome?

young girl jumping into pool black and white lensbaby manifesto photographs

woman with white hair pink roses crown of roses intense stare lensbaby manifesto photographs

fog street at night street lamps purple haze lensbaby manifesto photographs

painting with light night photo man in mask lensbaby manifesto photographs
Download this high-res, printable Lensbaby manifesto poster, and hang it between your photographs. Use #LBManifesto to show us where your Lensbaby Manifesto poster is hanging!


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