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Welcome to the Trio 28 Step by Step guide.

Trio 28 is a 28mm, fixed f/3.5 lens for mirrorless cameras only – including Sony E, Micro 4/3rds, Fuji X & Canon M. This small, compact creative powerhouse features 3 different effects – Twist, Velvet & Sweet. Each effect is based on one of our most popular lenses. To switch effects, simply rotate the dial on the front of the lens. Each optical effect has a hard-click stop so you know you’ve fully switched to the next effect.

With its fixed f/3.5 aperture, Trio 28 has a short learning curve. Simply choose the effect you want, compose your shot, focus and shoot! Trio 28 makes a great travel lens, as it provides several creative effects in one small, lightweight package. Bring it along on your travels and take photos unlike anyone else.

More on the effects:

Twist effect: sharp, central area of focus surrounded by twisty blur.

Twist tip: To get the most twisty blur, get close to your subject, within a few feet – and make sure there is plenty of separation, like 6-8 feet or more, between your subject and background. Make sure that background has plenty of texture, like leafy trees, to take on that swirl.

Velvet effect: focus in the center, with a soft glow across the entire image from edge to edge

Velvet tip: Look for bright points of light in your composition – they can take on a glowing, subtle starburst effect with Velvet.

Sweet effect: focus in the center, blur & bokeh radiating toward the edges

Sweet tip: try compositions with lots of bright lights (cities at night or twilight make particular good subjects) and really take advantage of Sweet’s ability to isolate a center subject and frame it in beautiful bokeh)

Trio’s hidden feature:

Each optic snaps into place when you rotate the dial on the front of the lens, but if you leave the dial halfway between a set of optics, you can create an intriguing in-camera double-exposure. Experiment and see what you can create with this fun hidden feature.

Filters & how they expand Trio’s versatility:

The filter kit that is currently bundled with the Trio 28 includes a 3-stop Neutral Density filter, Circular Polarizer, and 8-point Star.

3-Stop Neutral Density Filter

With a fixed bright aperture of f/3.5, this filter is handy if you’re shooting in bright light – it blocks out a few stops of light so you don’t over expose your image. You can also use it if you’re shooting moving water to slow down the exposure and get that smooth painterly look.

Circular Polarizer 

Use a circular polarizer to cut down on unwanted reflections (or, enhance wanted reflections!) in shiny surfaces like bodies of water, windows, etc.

8-point Star

Bright points of light take on a bright, 8-point star shape. This filter is a fun creative enhancer for night photography.


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