There’s something about black and white photography that brings out the true essence of an image, distilling it down to form, shape and composition. Black and white photography also has to power to immediately render a photo timeless and nostalgic and add a sense of emotion. Also, photos shot or processed as black and white serve to remove the distractions bright colors can cause. Photographers throughout history, even once color photography was technologically possible, still made – and make – the creative choice to make black and white photographs. Several photographers who use Lensbaby lenses as one of the tools that comprise their creative vision, also see the advantage of our lenses as a way to distill the essence of that vision. Read on to find out how some including Hengki Lee, Theodore Kefalopoulos, Caroline Jensen, Karin Klus and others are using a monochromatic pallet and Lensbaby depth-of-field effects to tell their unique story through their photography.

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