Bits of bokeh – bits of magic! The ability to harness and control how bokeh – or the way a lens renders bright points of light in the out-of-focus area of your image – is something many photographers strive for. There are lots of ways to play with bokeh, from shooting at bright apertures with shallow depth of field, to inserting shapes into or over a lens – to using Lensbaby lenses, which, by the nature of their optical and aperture design, can create crazy cool bokeh shapes. Most Lensbaby lenses have 9 or in many cases 12 aperture blades, which renders bokeh particularly round. Combine that with the soft fall off created by the nature of most Lensbaby lenses and the effect can make bokeh-lovers drool. The beautiful bokeh becomes even more apparently in Lensbaby macro photography – just check out the work of Anita Kram on the blog and prepared to be wowed. Read on to see how Anita and other photographers are creating spectacular bokeh with our lenses.

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