Fisheye lenses can give you a crazy, distorted, fun perspective on your surroundings. They’re not for every shot, but when used thoughtfully and creatively can present an eye-popping perspective of your surroundings, showing you more than your own eyes could ever see all at once. Circular Fisheye lenses take it one step further, giving you a fully circular image – with extra distortion – surrounded by black, what we call a circular crop. The Lensbaby Circular Fisheye ups the ante by allowing you to nearly touch the lens to your subject and get it in focus. It also has an internal, polished lens barrel that can add reflection and flare surrounding that circular image – no post processing needed! See the creative ways photographers like Nuno Caldeira, James Gross, Dan Wampler and Sonni Modi are using the Lensbaby Circular Fisheye lens featuring circular crop to share their unique perspective in these blog posts.

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