What makes a photograph a fine art photograph? Its definition can be elusive and whether a photo constitutes “fine art” can often be dependent upon the intentions of the photographer. Those who consider themselves fine art photographers generally strive to produce work that follows their own unique vision of the world, as they look to establish – or hone or reinvent – their own unique visual voice as a photographer. There are infinite tools for fine art photographers to utilize along their creative journeys. Lensbaby lenses inherently produce impressionistic images Photographers wield them like a paintbrush, deciding where to focus and where to let things fall off into a variety of styles of blur, as they are composing and creating their work in-camera. Learn how several fine art photographers like Laura Evans, Mina Mimbu, Hengki Lee, Laurie Klein and others use Lensbaby lenses to help craft their visual voice in fine art photography.

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