In 2004, Lensbaby was born out of a photographer’s frustration with flat, sterile, digital images. Since then, we’ve been helping photographers gain creative control and inject emotion into their images.

We make creative effects lenses, tools, and accessories that fit the following DSLR and mirrorless camera bodies: Canon EF & R, Nikon F & Z, Sony E, Fuji X, Micro 4/3.


Lensbaby invites you to smash the mold. Be you. Be free. Be the enemy of perfection.

Below you’ll find a range of products that will help you break away from your everyday routine.

OMNI Creative Filter System

OMNI is the simple, elegant, and innovative alternative to shooting through handheld objects. Create a myriad of magical in-camera effects using crystals and other unique objects specially engineered by Lensbaby. OMNI is not a camera lens, it’s a creative tool that works with your existing prime and zoom lenses to produce professional, stunning and repeatable in-camera results.

Sol 45 | 22

Sol is powerful yet intuitive, and easy to use. Whether you’re a pro, an artist or just starting out – discover or rediscover your passion for in-camera creation with Sol 45 | 22. Create a tack-sharp circular area of focus surrounded by smooth blur and bold bokeh. Simply choose what you want to emphasize in the frame, bend the lens toward it, rotate the front-most ring to bring your subject into focus, and shoot.

Burnside 35

Use Burnside 35 to create images with a bright central area of focus and striking color rendition — surrounded by subtle, swirling bokeh and vignette. Create perfect harmony between focus, bokeh, and vignette by fine-tuning your composition using the effect slider. Adjust the gold slider up or down to control how much vignette creeps in, darkening the edges and really making the center pop.

Velvet 85

Create soulful portraits with our Velvet 85 art lens. At bright apertures, compose impressionistic masterpieces with a velvety glow straight out of camera. Use darker apertures to make images with a crisp, film-like aesthetic. Building on the strengths of our bestselling Velvet 56 lens, Velvet 85 combines lustrous skin tones with the added compression and buttery smooth bokeh found in the best 85mm portrait lenses. Use its macro capabilities to reveal life that’s in small places.

Velvet 56

Create miniature macro worlds, rich landscapes, otherworldly street scenes and more with our versatile Velvet 56 art lens. Compose scenes that are lit from within, emanating glow at wide apertures. Shoot at darker apertures to give your photos a sharp, vintage look – with a subtle fall-off on the edges. Focus close to discover a larger-than-life miniature world.

Twist 60

Make your subject pop with the Twist 60 – surrounding them in twisty bokeh and subtle vignette. True to an 1840 design by Joseph Petzval, this lens reveals striking separation between subject and background. Twist 60 is a metal-bodied, non-tilting lens that mounts directly to your camera. It is recommended for use on full frame cameras only.

Trio 28

Convenience meets creativity! The Trio 28 is a compact 3-in-1 lens specifically designed for mirrorless cameras. Simply rotate the dial to choose between our most popular creative effects – Twist, Velvet, and Sweet.

Circular Fisheye

Extend your vision to a 185° field of view – beyond what the eye can see. Use the Circular Fisheye lens to create warped and contorted images with fun flare, from infinity to as close as ¼ inch from the front of the lens. Optimized for APS-C sensor DSLRs, this lens produces a smaller image circle on full frame DSLRs.

Composer Pro II with Edge 35

Tell a more powerful story with the Composer Pro II with Edge 35 Optic by creating a slice of tack-sharp detail– through objects in both the foreground and background– surrounded by smooth blur. Draw the viewer’s eye, highlight details and blur out distractions with this unique selective focus lens. This slice of focus effect in a wider focal length helps you fit more of your story into the frame.

Composer Pro II with Edge 50

Bring powerful details into focus. The Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic creates a slice of tack-sharp detail– through objects in both the foreground and background– surrounded by smooth blur. Tilt and move the lens for fluid, on-the-fly inspiration. Reveal remarkable dimension and depth for everything from landscapes to macro.

Composer Pro II with Sweet 35

Combine fine-tuned focus and dreamy blur to create images that leave a lasting impression. The Composer Pro II with Sweet 35 Optic adds unexpected depth and movement at 35mm. Place the sweet spot right where you want it— this optic is perfect for illuminating a face or bringing out a specific detail in your landscapes and environmental portraits.

Composer Pro II with Sweet 50

Sensationalize the sweet spot. Bring in movement, intensity and depth to every image. The Composer Pro II with Sweet 50 Optic illuminates the essential details at 50mm, creating wonder and emotion in your photos. Spotlight the specifics in portraits, and enhance everyday scenes with a particular point-of-view.

Creative Bokeh Optic

The Creative Bokeh Optic harkens back to Lensbaby’s inception with its simple, 50mm single uncoated glass element design and specially shaped aperture disks. Offering an in-depth level of bokeh control, the shaped aperture disks give new meaning to creative freedom and fun. Simply place one of the 9 shaped magnetic drop-in disks into the optic. Transform your images as your bokeh takes on the shape of the disk.

Lensbaby University

Learn the rules so you can break them! Whether you’re new to Lensbaby, can’t quite get the hang of your lens, or want to hone your skills, Lensbaby University is here for you. Learn and be inspired. Start your journey today.

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